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The Story of Vasilow's Confectionery
Vasilows Confectionary Hudson Valley New York

Vasilow’s Confectionery specializes in fresh, small batches of chocolates, nuts, and confections made with the finest natural ingredients and chocolate available. Quality is the crucial word when describing Vasilow’s confections; it comes with meaning and history.

One day in 1923, brothers Louie and Jim Vasilow opened Vasilow Bros. Confectionery in Hudson, New York. The store made available to the residents of upstate New York some of the finest candies ever created, and Vasilow’s became a hallmark of quality.

In 1969, after years of hard work, the Vasilow brothers reluctantly agreed it was time to retire. When word circulated that Vasilow Bros. Confectionery was closing, locals begged the brothers to go on “just a bit longer.” The most fervent protester was Louie’s twelve-year old grandson, Jim.

Years passed, but the memory of Vasilow’s fine chocolate did not fade. In 1999, Louie’s grandson decided to fulfill his life long dream: to recreate Vasilow’s Confectionary. Armed with the belief that connoisseurs will still seek out chocolates and confections prepared using the strictest of guidelines, those outlined by his ancestors, Jim made the leap. Plans were drawn, papers signed, equipment purchased, and ingredients were sourced. Jim even sought out and found the same exquisite chocolate used back in 1923 by his grandfather. The culmination of those efforts was realized in 2002, when Vasilow’s Confectionery was reborn.

Times may have changed, but Vasilow’s commitment to produce candy of superlative quality has not. Having observed true chocolate masters creating their finest offerings is a secret unto itself. Replicating the treasures crafted by his ancestors has been an undertaking Jim Vasilow has taken very seriously.

“Our proprietary recipes, many from the original Vasilow Bros. book of formulations, combined with contemporary creations such as our signature truffles, have enabled us to preserve the art of “homemade” candy making, creating a taste-pleasing blend of old and new,” Jim explains.

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