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Reuben's Doghouse & Market

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Carob Coated Flavor Snacks

Carob Coated Flavor Snacks

The Mookster sneers at these, since they were crafted with the smaller pooch in mind. A taste-tempting mélange of fish, liver, cheese, chicken, and beef, these multi-colored Milk Bones are partially submerged in carob, and will beguile even the pickiest tail-wagger. (per 6 biscuits)US$2.99
Carob Coated Jumbo Milk Bone

Carob Coated Jumbo Milk Bone

If St. Bernards had their way, the casks hanging from their neck would be filled with these, rather than whatever it is they presently lug around in them. We take the largest Milk-Bone available, and dip half of it in chocolate flavored carob. Pedigrees and mutts agree that our biscuits will never end up buried in the backyard. (per 2 biscuits)US$2.99

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