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Gummi Bears

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Chocolate Gummi Bears

Chocolate Gummi Bears

How can you possibly improve our gummi bears? It’s not an easy accomplishment, but we’ve managed to find a way, by bathing the bears – in chocolate! Suffice to say, these bears will never have the opportunity to hibernate once you’ve tasted them.

7 ounce bag
Classic Gummi Bears

Classic Gummi Bears

Often imitated but never duplicated, Vasilow’s Gummi Bears are imported from the German company that invented them. The unparalleled taste and texture of these gummies is sure to please.

7 ounce bag

Sugar Free + US$0.84 

Hot Cinnamon Gummi Bears

Hot Cinnamon Gummi Bears

Bearly legal. That’s how people describe the hot cinnamon gummi bear. Cinnamon lovers can rejoice, knowing that it’s now possible to enjoy an atomic fireball-like rush without the fear of breaking a tooth!

7 ounce bag

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